WWII Warfare – A MMORPG World War More

As in real war, you decide if you are Allied or Axis.
Both factions are totally different, including the interface and theme.
The Allies play as green and camouflage uniforms units have while playing with an interface Axis gray.
Regardless of the group you choose, you will be taken to the battlefield of World War II.
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WWII Warfare is another great free mmorpg games here eleges strategy and your faction and fight against each other.
You build your own base and develop your building infrastructure such as academia, the medical center, warehouse, etc command center.

Mission System
The game features a mission system with which you can get by looting resources.
The missions are divided into three classes and these are a function of the difficulty. The more difficult, the better the prize they receive.

Construction and Buildings Update
WWII Warfare dev includes points that are used to update and upgrade your buildings.

In your buildings will initiate research to improve your technology war.
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System Commander In WWII Warfare, you can recruit commanders and gain experience fighting these attacks and defend both.
These points are allocated on the four skills available Commander: Force Command, intelligence and warmth.
Unlike other browser games, WWII Warfare is based on a commander system, participants can update with regard to its attributes? As mentioned a few paragraphs above. At the same time there are items to equip.

Interactive System
The game features a system of alliances and email available. This system allows the alliance leader full support to its members and viceverza.

System Promotions
There are two systems in WWII Warfare promotions: Referrals and Union System. In the first you can get gold for subscriptions
through your referral link, that is, those who subscribe to the game through a link given by you.
Union System gives participants the opportunity of hosting the game and you can get up to $ 500 per month, so it’s worth a try.

1 When you enter the game for the first time, you will get items for your first adventures with a chest. When you open the box you will find a VIP member.
In additionally, each time you enter the game, you’ll get resources and gold-gold-is-game currency.
2 Prior to attack and conquer other bases, make sure that you have enough resources to keep your units,
3 Remember that after your attacks, enemies may be offensive, so be alert to look for the answers enemy.
The game is designed in such to attack, so the defense system may seem unfair.
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How many more troops? higher grain consumption. Keep in mind the situation to keep your men starve.

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