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A unicorn is a legendary animal from European folklore that resembles a white horse with a big pointy horn. This animal is a symbol of purity and grace with super natural abilities. Tonight you had a dream or. You had a friend – the beautiful unicorn. You could change your hair and style of the tail, wings and select horseshoes. ? Now your dream or can be done! Play our new online game for free and decorate your unicorn Dress mode. Accept a challenge and decorate your unicorn in the same way as you show in the original image Compare mode.
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Let’s start with the dress mode. At your disposal there are different styles and colors. Choose a hair style, for example, and then give it the color you like? Do not forget the wings! No unicorns without wings, so choose the beautiful wings to your friend. The panel elements can be used is in the left side of the screen. The panel with the colors you can see below. Be creative and personalize your unicorn according to your taste and? Make it the most beautiful! ? I like challenges? Then, you can continue to play this game free video Compare mode. Accept a challenge and your unicorn veste the same way as you show in the original image. Pay attention to details and try to choose the right colors. On the right side of the screen is a scale that will show the correspondence with the original image. ? If you are full, it means that you’ve reached your goal and won the game! You can also change the backgrounds.
In our new online game let’s dive into the world of fairy tales. The beautiful and colorful graphics and a soothing melody will accompany? Arnos. In the world of ditches no violence, no weapons, no cries. This free game will relax and forget about all your problems.

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