Nintendo DSi XL And The New DS 3D Using R4 And M3 Adapters More

As we all know, or not, the Nintendo DSi XL is the fourth revision of the Nintendo DS handheld console, released in March 2010. In this fourth edition obviously appreciate changes and renovations to the famous console, which increases the size of the screens or 3.25 to 4.20 inches, which will undoubtedly improve visibility and provide a better viewing angle. Being directed to a mostly adult market, with impaired vision, this improved version helps to enjoy the console and look better.

Informacion Adicional

The new dimensions are 161 mm wide, 91.4 mm high, and 21.2 mm deep and weighs 314 grams. Incorporate a larger stylus and robust, of 129.3 mm, also having a battery life of between 13-17 hours with lowest brightness.? The console includes all the features of the original Nintendo DSi: two cameras, images and sound editor, sound recorder and player, the ability to download games directly to the console from the Nintendo DSi Shop and the browser also includes Nintendo DSi Browser to surf the Internet via WiFi.? The Nintendo DSi XL has a special stylus, larger and brighter, this pen is much better than the three previous consoles, used to use the second screen of the Nintendo DSi XL.
Now, the new Nintendo 3DS, it has become even more fashionable and so with the new age of 3D, where not need glasses to see the effect of the three dimensions. The Nintendo 3-DS would be released in March 2011. This new console will play 3D movies with a resolution of 800×240 pixels, the size and will be approximately 13.5 cm wide, 7.4cm long and 2 inches tall, weighing 226.72 g.? The design you could still be CHANGING. The console may be closed, leaving a screen in each half. The top color is black, varying the rest of it between blue, red, dark gray, purple or orange. Touch Screen The lower screen, the game card is 2GB Max., Not knowing if it can be extended.
To all this, there are R4 and M3 adapters that give greater utility console and ample space.

The R4 DS Cartridge is an amazing device with the DS original size or a cartridge, is a complete solution with no need to purchase any strange or components or deal with any software installation messy, this is truly the easiest media ever made; Simply put, this device must be with all the peripherals of DS / DS lite.? Supports roms, multimedia files, games of any type and size, including landlords.
Using M3 adapter, comes on the heels of Team M3, one of the most trusted. Its uniqueness, as occurs with the SuperCard DSONEi, is that it includes an external programmer, if the flashcard stops working with the latest updates from Nintendo, we will be able to reprogram the flashcard to be undetectable by Nintendo, and so not corrupt the card and we can play whenever we want.
So when it comes to buy a Nintendo DS or DSi XL either 3DS note on using these adapters that are very usable.

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