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One particular day even though returning residence from a job inside the Royal City, a gifted engineer by the name of Luke comes across a young lady being attacked within the cave near his village. Immediately after fending off her attackers, he attempts to pull her from a heap of discarded mechanical components only to learn she herself is half robot! Somewhat curious about what he has stumbled onto, Luke decides to take her residence and fix her up, but small does he realize the chain of events he is about to discover himself tangled up in…!

Action-Packed Battles

Combining elementals to make new magic and mastering weapons to understand powerful capabilities are only a number of with the several possibilities Infinite Dunamis’ fast-paced battle system has to offer. Additionally, successfully chaining attacks with allies will net big bonuses and immediately level up the party. But do you may have what it takes to claim the title of “Arena Master”?!

Customize the Heroine Any Way You decide on!

In contrast to other celebration members, Estelle’s parameters do not see substantial growth when she levels up. Instead, she has the ability to make use of products named crystals, souls, and cores to augment and strengthen her parameters with an unprecedented degree of flexibility. No matter if she becomes a brazen fighter within the vanguard or a strong magic-user who supports the party in the rear, the choice is eventually as much as you!

New Practical Functions Make Casual Play a Reality

A welcome “battle shortcut” enables for battles to become automatically won when the party’s level is larger than that of your enemy.
Also, when upgrading Estelle’s parameters, there’s the ability to auto-customize them in line with fighting style, so casual players can swiftly get on with all the story without the need of having to commit further time manually doing it themselves!

In-Game Transactions

These allow for gamers with restricted time to buy a handful of pick items so that you can make their adventure fit with their busy schedule! Quit by the nearest vending machine in town and see for your self!

Infinite Dunamis Game Free Download Android

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