Game On With The Sodium Series

Lockwood Publishings series of Sodium games is a MMOG (Massively Multi-player Online Game) available to the PlayStation Home community. The Sodium series of games will be split into four parts and 2 have been published to date The first release known as Sodium One came out in December 2009 while the follow up game Sodium Two was released in June 2011. PlayStation Home is an internet based social platform for game players playing on PlayStation 3. As it grows, the Sodium series will also feature newer games and attract a larger gaming community.

Sodium One: Salt Shooter

The first five levels of Sodium 1 are available for free and the complete version can be bought from the Commerce Point in PlayStation Home. Countless smaller games are can be found in the Sodium Hub where players can earn points. These credits can be later redeemed to gain more information about the game objectives.

The mini games like Tank Training, Desert Queuch and Scorpion Stomp are like the small versions of the real game. Players can use these games to tune up their abilities and gain some practice. The full blown package of Sodium 1 lets the players create their own avatars for the game.

Sodium Two – Project Velocity

Sodium 2 – Project Velocity is the second game to the Sodium series is believed to be an enlargement of the Sodium 1. With widely customisable jet packs, a riveting soundtrack and lightning speeds, this game was first test-run by selected players in the Home community. In contrast to the first edition, Sodium 2 is available for free.

The game also features a single player mode where players can practice and improve their skills. This is the first racing game in the history of PlayStation Home to have a real time option. Players can opt to race against any community member.

Players, who can crack the various levels in the single version game, earn more experience points. They use these points toward upgrade their kit and jump to higher levels and star values. Only players with the same star value are able to compete in a single lobby.

Lockwood Publishing are a company who produces 3rd party brands and its own IP into virtual worlds. They’re the developers of Sodium Two project velocity and it’s original version, Sodium one Salt Shooter.

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